Why is Backflow Testing Gold Coast important?

The water system of your home in the Gold Coast needs a well-maintained pressure in its water system. Contamination is greatly increased when the water system flows backward to your plumbing system.

This makes backflow testing on the Gold Coast crucial to the safety and health of household members of a home in the Gold Coast. The purity of water is ensured with backflow testing.

Backflow Testing Function

External water sources from the storm drain, dirty pool water, and more are prevented from flowing back into your home’s water system by backflow testing. The backflow device used ensures that the water used inside the home is always uncontaminated and clean. The primary function of backflow testing and the use of a backflow prevention device are to keep any external water source from cross-connecting with the home’s drinking water.

Types of Backflow Testing Strategies or Devices

  • Most plumbing codes for local buildings require backflow prevention strategies or devices. Air gaps are the most commonly used backflow prevention device. It works by connecting a check valve to your plumbing system via a space in the water storage area. This type of backflow strategy allows water to flow in a single direction, thereby preventing water from flowing backward into the home.
  • An RPZ or Reduced Pressure Zone valve is another name for the backflow device. Contaminants are prevented from entering the city water supply and your drinking water with the installation of an RPZ into the plumbing system.

A large boiler, an irrigation system, or a fire suppression system used by a building or home requires the use of an RPZ. This is because pesticides and fertilizers sprayed into lawns can make it inside a home or building without the aid of an RPZ.

The water trapped or remaining stagnant in fire suppression or boiler system can create a build-up of mineral content and bacteria. An RPZ device ensures that there will be no backflow going into the building or home when this scenario happens.

The Importance of Yearly Backflow Testing

Backflow testing ensures that a cross-connection happens between outside and inside water sources. The single direction of water makes sure that non-potable and potable water are separated. In instances of backflow, the water inside the home flows in another direction.

A piping system with backward running water is caused by a variety of things such as a break in the water main or the use of a variety of nearby fire hydrants. Non-potable is the apt description for backflow water. Backflow water can be used for cleaning but cannot be safely used for cooking and drinking.

The potable water supply of your home becomes contaminant-free with the installation of a backflow prevention device. This makes it imperative to have an annual backflow check to protect the safety of all members of the household using the water for drinking and cooking.

It is also important to replace or replace a backflow prevention device that is not working properly. The water supply inside your home is at risk for contamination when the backflow prevention device is not working as it should.

The market today sells a lot of backflow prevention devices. Each of them uses different types of mechanisms to ensure one-direction water supply. A good and reputable plumbing firm is the best expert help regarding the right backflow prevention device to use. The proper installation of this device is as important as the right device.