Stone Cladding

No one wants to stay in an unattractive building and compound. That’s why you will find well-mowed lawns in Australia and well-trimmed fences just to make the compound look more appealing to the visitors. Another great reason why many homeowners carry out this practice is to boost the value of the home.

You may have seen those well-made drive paths right from the gate and around the gardens. That is just one way of making a compound great. However, there is another awesome method that many people are embracing which is making their homes look outstanding. This method is called the stone cladding.

What is stone cladding?

In simple terms, we could say that stone cladding is using a layer of attracting natural stones on top of the main building material. For example, if your building is made of wood, and you want to do stone cladding, you choose some natural stones and lay them on the wood. The result is a beautiful stone construction.

This construction technique is increasingly becoming popular with various people adopting it. This is because of its durability and longevity. Some are using other cladding methods besides stones. You may ask, which are the other methods of cladding? Well to mention, there is brick cladding where you use bricks to make the building attractive.

There is also UPVC cladding where the builder uses some polyvinyl materials. This type of covering is waterproof and free of maintenance, all you need is to clean them. They are also resistant to harsh weather conditions and great fire-resistant materials.

Another type of cladding is timber cladding which is very common in Australia. They come in diverse colours, textures, sizes, and styles. This type of cladding gives you the option of choosing from hardwood and softwood.

We also have metal cladding, glass cladding, weatherboard cladding, and concrete cladding. All these make your building look classy. Back to our main concern; stone cladding. Let’s look at some of the reasons why most homeowners are using stone cladding.

Why Many Homeowners are Using Stone Cladding

1. Requires less maintenance

We may say this is one of the main reasons why most homeowners in Australia are using stone cladding. Of course, no one likes painting their houses to make them attractive now and then. One can easily prevent these by using stones of different colours. This keeps the building attractive throughout the year.

2. They are easy to use

Stone cladding is the easiest type of cladding, especially compared to other expensive methods like glass cladding. All you need is to have natural stones of different shapes and colours. You can paint them or use them naturally.

3. They are non-porous

This is another thing about sandstone cladding. We all know how messy timber can be after some time of exposing them in direct sunshine or heavy rain. They become porous and start penetrating the water into the main building material. However, this is not possible for stone cladding. They do not allow water to pass to the building material.

4. For protection

Besides protecting the inner primary wall of your house, they can protect some break-ins, especially if your building is made of timber. They are great absorbers of water keeping the walls dry.

5. They are durable

These are some of the most durable cladding materials, among other types. They don’t change their colour even after being on the walls for years.

Other reasons: They add value to the house and are being used for aesthetic reasons.