Reasons to Hire Gold Coast Removals

One of the most expensive and stressful experiences of a homeowner or tenant on the Gold Coast is the home move. Thinking of the expense when you opt to hire Gold Coast removals tempts you to do the move on your own. However, would a DIY home move a better option than hiring reputable removalists?

Hiring professional removals on any small and big move provide a host of benefits, to include:

A secure and safe movement of all your valuables

Your household items and furniture can get damaged when it’s not properly packed and handled during the move. Professional removalists are trained and experienced to securely handle all types of household goods at all stages of the move. Their skill about the various packing techniques ensures using the right kind of boxes to pack in your items. Other professional removalist companies go the extra mile by ensuring protection to the home you’re moving out to the home you’re moving in.

Insurance coverage

A host of risks during the move can happen to your household items. There are instances where accidents during the move are beyond the control of the removals. The insurance coverage provided by reliable removalists ensures that every valuable item that is being moved is insured.

Storing your extra items with a good removalist also acquires insurance coverage. This creates peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe until the time you take it out of storage.


Doing a DIY move means hiring a truck to transport all your valuables. Hiring a truck means several trips that include costs of petrol, trolley, toll, time, and effort.

More value for your money is provided by a removals service that may only take one trip to carry all your belongings from the old home to the new one. Reputable removalists provide an upfront quote for you to determine if the overall costs fit your budget.

Knowing the varied rates for the available services provided by a removalist helps you know the exact amount you need to pay. This makes it easier for you to come up with a working budget on your house move.

Seamless process of packing and assembling

It can be a tiring and time-consuming process when you need to move out to a new home. Unpacking and assembling are some of the services available with good removalist companies.

Opting for this type of service means letting a team of removalists deliver, unpack, and set up everything in your new home. Adding valet services to the home move package means cleaning service for your new home as well. This means that all you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the sight of a well-arranged and sparkling new home minus the stress and toll of doing all the hard work.

Offer more than moving and packing services

Good removalist companies are not confined to offer only packing and moving services. A host of available services offered by many good removalists include:

  • Mobility services
  • Home cleaning service
  • Pet transfers
  • Valet service
  • Storage services
  • A lot more

Moving from an old home to a new one can either be stressful or stress-free, depending on your choice. Opting to hire professional for furniture removals guarantees a stress-free home move any time and all the time.