Building a home on a small house plan

Thinking about building a new home? You must already be worried about how you can make it more comfy.  When you hire a home builder in Brisbane they can provide you with specific design elements that can make your small house appear bigger. They will design it in a way to make it more functional.

Advantages of a smaller home

A smaller home has a smaller carbon footprint and does not require a lot of resources for heating cooling and other everyday living requirements. If you look at the eco-friendly side of this equation it can save you money in the long run. A larger home which is more than 3000 square feet is more expensive to heat up than a compact home.

If you look at the finance side, a larger home requires a bigger credit line. Smart home owners know that they can make the most of their place even with less space.

 If you plan on designing a small home, you should understand that less square footage doesn’t have to make your home feel smaller. The following are some of the ways you can design your home to live large.

Tips from home builders in Brisbane

  •  Invest in  vaulted ceilings. They can make a room appear significantly larger. You can consider experimenting with a barrel vaulted ceiling which has a radius angle that connects two roof planes. For a more dramatic effect you can consider a dome vaulted ceiling. It will not only give your home extra space but make it more airy as well.
  • Plan an open layout. Walls can take up a lot of space so an open floor plan will help reclaim it for you. When you have an open kitchen, dining and living area, your small home plan can feel expansive.
  • Create a seamless indoor outdoor connection.  a home that has a strong indoor outdoor connection naturally appears larger. try experimenting with large windows with simple dressing. You can even select sliding or French doors and a built in patio area.
  •  Place the windows above eye level.  when windows are placed above eye level they make a small home appear more spacious. An experienced home builder in Brisbane understands that high windows allow excellent natural light to enter your home making it appear larger.
  •  Consider minimalistic designs. Nothing too cluttered otherwise it will make your small home look even smaller.  Avoid over-the-top furniture. Instead, go for clean and clear lines. The furniture should be understated to make your room appear larger. Find furniture that comes with built-in storage. This can help avoid clutter making your home look all nice and clean.
  • If you have children or plan to eventually, you must consider a home that is family-friendly and has features that gel well with the kids in the house. Families have greater storage needs. all the mementos that you want to keep or toys that you want to hold on to have to go into the built-in storage bin. get furniture that has ample storage space.
  •  You can try creating an all-inclusive kitchen that serves as a place where you cook, eat and gather for family talks. You must also consider the fact that the families’ needs will grow and change as time goes by. For this, you should look for a home design that has a flexible space with rooms that serve a dual purpose. For example the playroom can easily be converted into a study or a craft room later on.

OJ Pippin home builders in Brisbane can help you plan, design, and build a home that would much your budget and needs.